Love at First Sight

When love happens, take my advice and go with the flow. Four years ago I saw the most beautiful sight in my life and promised myself that it would be mine. The Can-Am Spyder. It’s a reverse trike, a three-wheeled motorcycle, with two wheels in front. In my mind, it’s cooler than a Harley and Harley’s ROCK. It’s not cheap at all so I needed to pay off a few bills before I could sign on the dotted line. I’m almost there and, yes, it will be mine.


When we moved into our house, I gave my husband a choice to sell his old bike and buy a Harley or a Honda Gold Wing. Then one morning, while we were at a jazz festival in upstate New York, we saw two Spyders parked in the parking lot and fell in love with the look of them. We’ve never seen these bikes before, so I took several pictures to google them later. A third choice was added to the mix, and when he sold his bike, he purchased the Spyder RT.

I love the ride from behind and can’t wait to ride in frocan-am-spyder-google-search-google-chrome-today-at-10-57-22-amnt. I get my daily fix every time I walk past his Spyder in the garage, but it needs a friend parked next to it. I even considered buying me a scooter to get around town but decided not to, because I would have to sell it later to get what I wanted. Here’s another picture for you to see. Don’t stare too long, though. You may get hooked.

Well, today I saw thqwerkywriter-google-search-google-chrome-today-at-10-58-50-ame Qwerkywriter. It’s a retro-themed wireless keyboard. The keyboard looked so cool I had to have it. So I placed my order. The keyboard is designed to like an old fashioned typewriter, and it works with OS and Windows. The keys have the noisy clicks and the return bar functions like a return key – so cool. It’s NOT cheap, but a funny thing happens when we pay off some bills. We have extra money to spend and save. I said to myself “You compromised for four years go ahead and buy it for your birthday” and I did. My birthday is next month.


“Your order is on the way” are the sweetest words I’ve seen today. The Qwerkywriter is another love at first sight. Shhh, I wasn’t this excited when I purchased my Apple products. I’ll give you an update when it arrives in a few days. Maybe I’ll record an open box video for the keyboard.

Until next time my friend, CKJ

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