Nano Recap

I’m behind in my word count. I’d have to do a 6,800 word push this weekend to catch up and I’m not sure I have in my tank to do it. But I’m going for it though and will let you know where I stand next week.

Sleep writing

Sometimes I foolishly write while in bed and fall asleep with my laptop on my lap or wake up to the sound of my tablet or phone hitting the floor. Last night was no exception. I fell asleep while writing and this is what I ended up with. I say “ended up with” because I don’t remember where I was going with it. There’s nothing setting it up before the text and the only thing after it was random letters from my fingers laying on my keyboard. I was sleep writing.

I was cold and wanted to be comfortable and as always when I do this late at night I fall asleep. This piece is unedited, raw, and definitely unfinished maybe you can help me finish it. The character speaking has to be Kathy Abbott I think?!?!

“We arrived at brick gates that opened to a long driveway. Each side has a monogram of the initials S S and is flanked by ginormous Dolphins. The drive here wasn’t bad at all. The CD player was booming and besides that Jones knows how to drive this type of car. He pinned me to my seat with speed and the car handled well. It actually gave us a gentle ride, well, for a sports car anyway. When we pulled up in front of the house Jones got out, walked around the car and opened my door.”

I think it was for a party, maybe? The driveway is significant otherwise I wouldn’t describe it. Weird right? I laughed this morning after I read it. And I hope that you got a chuckle too.

Don’t sleep write or you’ll wake up with something unexpectedly written, CJK.

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