Nono Day 4 plus re-cap

So far my word count looks like this:

Day 1: 850

Day 2: 1,667

Day 3: 1,888

Today I’m going for 2,500 words and since it’s Friday I can stay up all night if I need to.

Here’s an unedited snippet of what I wrote so far. No judging allowed because it’s raw, unedited, and probably don’t even make sense yet, haha.

Robyn wakes up on Monday morning thinking about her friend Kathy. She tried to call her bestie again last night but her voicemail was full. And upon arriving to work at the local Shop N’ Go Robyn scanned the parking lot for signs of her best friend but Kathy’s car is no where in sight. Maybe she bought a new car? Naw that’s not like her. They always arrive to work at the same time and meet up in the parking lot. But she shakes off a gut feeling telling her something is wrong and convinces herself that they’ll see each other inside the store. 

She scans her hand at the time clock then looks around the room for signs of her bestie. During the first break she could get, Robyn pulls out her cell phone and calls Kathy but her voicemail is still full, hmm is her phone off? This wouldn’t be the first time she lost her phone either. Robyn goes through her morning with a watchful eye waiting for Kathy to come into the store but it’s now ten o’clock, and she’s been here since seven, in the morning and Robyn is worried. She has been asking every employee who walked past if they saw her. Sheryl, who normally works behind the customer service counter is working at Kathy’s register and that can’t be a good sign. 
Enjoy! More to come … 


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