Behind the Scenes of Kathy Abbott

My Inspiration for an Urban Fantasy Story

The inspiration for the Kathy Abbott story came to me as I took an afternoon ride down a New Jersey highway which runs through both business and residential areas. Originally, I wrote the story bare of the tedious details and information overload we find in many books. But something seemed to be missing and, no, it wasn’t the small details or information overload — silly rabbit! I came to the conclusion that it was just a horrible story. I couldn’t decide what was missing, so I went on a mission to make it better; I formed a writers’ group and connected with a professional editor.

Amazing People Hide In Writer’s Groups

When I formed the group, it was scary. I didn’t know if anyone would join but they did and they are a diverse group of amazing people. I wanted to form the group, no, I needed to form the group because someone else may have been struggling, just as I was. I also wanted answers to my questions: “I wrote a book, so now what?” and “How do I get my book to readers who may like it?”, plus “How do I use social media sites to get the word out?” I had many questions.

The group meets and discusses our promotional campaigns. We talk about how to promote our blogs and websites, and we critique each other’s work. Some people are gifted, and some people learn to become better writers. I am not sure which category I fall into yet, but does it matter? Nope.

I Am a Reader

I am a reader. There you go, I said it, and I embrace it. But I also have a story in my head that needs to be shared and writing it is the only solution. Kathy is an average twenty-something-year-old, she doesn’t know her exact age, but she does know that she is in her late twenties, based on the information that she received while growing up in the foster care system. The Kathy Abbott story is about one event in a string of events that changes her life forever. It is an urban fantasy thriller with a touch of romance and as the series progresses, I promise you, so does the intensity. You’ll learn more about Kathy in my next story. The next book in the series tells the story of what happens next; you don’t want to miss it because it will answer most, if not all, of your questions.

For Your Enjoyment

I hope that you like Kathy’s story and want to read more. As I have already mentioned, I am writing a novella about the things that happen to Kathy and her boyfriend after the Kathy Abbott story ends. Watch this site for more details. Bits of information are released daily through my social sites. Yeah, I still don’t get the whole “buy my book” selling tactics! Hopefully, you won’t see any of that. My sites are for your entertainment and are used to provide you with information so follow me on your preferred site. If I am not there, feel free to let me know which site you would like to see my posts on, or if you would like to become a member of my street team and manage the site for me. Yes, that would be amazing!

Until next time, happy reading, CKJ.

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